About Us

Founded in 2017, ROSEÉ is a lifestyle label offering trend-forward quality clothing and accessories made from African print textiles. We source and craft every collection with the utmost care, ensuring you will fall in love with every purchase you make time after time. To us every customer is an opportunity to share our mission which seeks to shines a light on African fashion and share our love for the motherland.

Our mission is to change the world’s perception of Africa and Africans by creating a fashion label that combines style and cultural significance.

About Our Founder - Awa Chibikwa

I founded ROSEÉ because I wanted to see a change in the fashion industry. As an African woman of Congolese descent, I grew up wearing African textiles. The textile forms an integral part of my culture and the continent in which I was born. Having moved to Australia in 2006, I often found it very difficult to find modern and trendy African inspired clothing. Overtime, what started as barrier became an opportunity to establish an African textile label in 2017.

ROSEÉ’s collection features rich, vivid African print framed in regal silhouettes that easily find themselves at home in their everyday surroundings. ROSEÉ has enable me to create a fashion brand that combines comfort and convenience with style and cultural significance.

Giving Back 

I believe in giving back to my community and seeing people around me evolve to realise their dreams. I am committed to providing opportunities to people near and far.

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